What we do

Winning margins are incredibly small and training time is finite. It’s therefore critical that athletes are able to train and recover optimally to be able to deliver their performance potential on the international stage. Consequently, precision and specificity are at the heart of the mission of the Performance Science team. Our aim is to support coaches to develop and deliver programmes that maximise the effectiveness of training and competition performance by providing multidisciplinary support tailored to the needs of the individual or squad. This needs to be specific to the demands of the sport and the training status of the athlete and provide coaches with information that is accurate and precise to enable them to evaluate and plan training.

The Sport Ireland Institute provides access to a range of services that can positively impact on performance both on and off site. These services include Biomechanics, Nutrition, Performance Analysis, Physiology, Psychology and Strength and Conditioning. The Sport Ireland Institute works closely with sports to ensure that these services are pre-planned and tailored to each sport’s needs and that these services are embedded in to the high performance plans of each sport.  Over 50 service providers have been accredited through the Sport Professional Quality Assurance Programme (PQAP) allowing athletes and sports to work with appropriately skilled and qualified service providers.

The Sport Ireland Institute provides access to a range of services that can positively impact on performance. These services include:

  • Biomechanics
  • Nutrition
  • Performance Analysis
  • Physiology
  • Psychology
  • Strength and Conditioning

Athletes are what Sport Ireland Institute is all about.

Athletes are the ultimate focus of all our activities at the Sport Ireland Institute.

The aim of the Sport Ireland Institute is to enhance and refine the environment which influences, supports, and ensures that Ireland's talented athletes will achieve sustained levels of excellence in elite International sport.

Our High Performance Centre is fitted out with an exceptionally high standard of equipment and is staffed by a very experienced team of service providers. The services provided include sports medicine, physiotherapy, physiology, performance analysis, nutrition, strength and conditioning, life-skills and psychology.