Rio Transition Programme


The Olympic / Paralympic Games are a pinnacle experience for athletes, coaches, support staff and their families. Each Games is unique in its own way and are an intense, emotional, physical and psychological challenge. Producing your best performance at the Games tests your resilience like no other competition. Successful athletes tell us that the ability to respond and adapt to the Olympic environment is one of the fundamental skills that underpins delivering a performance, enjoying the experience and adjusting to the post-games experience. The Evolution Series is a set of three workshops designed to help you prepare, adapt and evolve to survive and thrive on your Olympic journey.

Prepare effectively for the games and the post-games experience with this 90 minute small group, activity based workshop on the benefits of planning.

At this workshop you will learn to:

  • Schedule your time
  • List your tasks
  • Prioritise the tasks on your list
  • Reflect on your preparations

Adapt to solve problems as they arise in a 90 minute small group workshop that offers a systematic approach to problem solving to enable quick adaptation to unexpected challenges.

At this workshop you will learn to:

  • Cultivate a Wise Mind
  • Be open to alternatives
  • Fully accept what is happening, and then do what you can
  • Expect problems and find solutions

Evolve your thinking skills and put yourself in the driving seat of your Olympic experience at this 90 minute small group workshop.

At this workshop you will learn to:
Stay in the Moment
Notice your thoughts
Notice the links between your thinking, feeling and behaviour
Review your thinking.

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