The Podium Programme

The Podium Programme is a 3-year coach performance support programme targeting high performance coaches with a eye on the 2016 Games. The programme consists of 23 high performance coaches from a multitude of sports and it offers each coach a personalized performance support package designed to enable podium performances for each coach and their athlete(s).

The programme offers the following supports over a 3-year period:

On Board Need Analysis

  • Each coach will be provided with an on board needs analysis service designed to identify annual critical performance factors and thus initiate a programme of individualized performance supports throughout the year.

Performance Simulation Events

  • In preparation for high-level competition, coaches will be given the opportunity to attend 3 performance simulation events prior to the 2016 games whereby key practical scenarios will be used to examine and develop targeted performance capacities. These events offer unique peer-to-peer feedback exchange whereby coaches can reflect on the quality of their coaching, management or leadership practice.

Individual & Group Level Performance Mentorship

  • The Institute will offer individual and group level mentorship sessions across a range of themes including coaching, management and leadership. Highly experienced mentors from the international stage will be recruited in order to provide targeted and highly practical mentorship support.

Financial Support to Build Performance Capacity

  • Coaches will be given the opportunity to self direct their performance support by applying for some individual grant aid to purchase key performance capability relative to their sport. These supports may involve mentorship, equipment or a short course in a specific discipline.

The entry criteria for the podium programme includes the following benchmarks:

Coach Performance Track Record

  • The number of athletes that an applicant has coached who have won individual or team medals at Olympic/Paralympic, World or European events
  • The number of events whereby each coach has represented Ireland at major level events including Olympic/Paralympic, World or European events
  • Coach Potential - Rio 2016

Each coach must be officially appointed in a coaching role working with senior carded athletes in a national sports body

  • Coaches will be tracking to coach athletes likely to qualify and / or medal at Rio 2016
  • Coaches will have evidence of continuous professional development and an openness to further challenge and growth
  • Coaches will be willing to share their experience with other podium coaches and provide support to aspiring horizon coaches

The post game support that Annalise and I received from PEP was a critical reason underpinning our 2013 European Gold Medal success. The challenge in dealing with a 4th place finish at the Olympic games was substantial. We were guided effectively in converting our games experience into a substantial learning resource which allowed Annalise and I to completely recover from the 2012 games experience
— Rory Fitzpatrick, High Performance Coach, Irish Sailing Association

Application Form:

  • The Podium Programme is currently closed to new applicants.