Performance Planning

The Institute continues to support Sport Ireland during the annual performance planning process. This process is designed to be adaptable to each sport and to grow in value, as a high performance planning exercise year on year in order to develop sustainable levels of excellence in international sport.  Every element and aspect of the investment application is designed to be an element of a world class, effective high performance plan.

Facilitating Sustainable Performance Improvement

The High Performance Planning process aims to:

  • Help focus investment on sports best placed to succeed at world level
  • More comprehensively meet the need of each of the targeted sports
  • Ensure each of the presented performance plans are backed by strong supporting rationale
  • Focus investment on critical performance impact areas
  • Facilitate holistic planning, monitoring, evaluation and continuous feedback loop
  • Create a Team Ireland philosophy which demonstrates clarity and unity of purpose
  • Value the roles of each of the key stakeholders