Performance Lifeskills and Personal Performance Planning

The Performance Lifeskills and Planning support service is designed to address two key components – the performance environment around an athlete and the personal skills to operate effectively as a high performance athlete.

Our aim is to assist athletes achieve their performance goals by assisting them in managing all aspects of their lives that may impact on these goals. A well prepared and carefully planned athlete with a healthy balance in life is far more likely to achieve their performance goals.

Our Performance Lifeskills coaches work with athletes to develop and enhance their personal performance management skills (planning, negotiation, communication) to ensure that their training and recovery are optimised and that their athletic life is balanced with other activities and demands.

Personal Development and Lifeskills

Personal Development is an essential part of any athletes journey. We at the Sport Ireland Institute are committed to ensuring that athletes achieve a sense of balance in their lives and continue to grow as people as well as athletes.

The Lifeskills team provide a number of workshops to the athlete community around areas of practical application in an athletes life such as , financial planing, media skills, social media, networking, athlete welfare, communications and many more.

Our philosophy is to provide athletes with the skills to allow them develop personally and to have an identity outside of sport with the necessary transferable skills to make them workforce ready when the opportunity arises.  

Education Support

There are many challenges that athletes will face throughout their athletic life. The Sport Ireland Institute works with all athletes to develop the skills and competencies required to cope with the various transitions they may encounter. The principal of athletes being better able to blend sport with the other important elements of their lives is crucial for all round development. There are various factors to consider when looking at creating a balanced environment with a view to maximising an athletes ability to fulfil their potential in both areas. One of the main elements that can impact on athletic development is education and the ability to combine this with sport. Education may take many forms through different stages of your life:

  • Junior Certificate / Leaving Certificate
  • Transition Year
  •  Repeat Leaving Certificate
  • Third Level Education
  •  Part time / Full time study
  • Blended learning
  • On-line learning
  • Vocational Study
  • Post-Graduate Study

The Sport Ireland Institute Lifeskills team can work with you to help you to evaluate your options and to make better informed decision on your education planning. These decisions could revolve around areas like course selection, institute selection or even evaluating the ability to elongate your study and create a part-time option and impact positively on your athletic performance.

We encourage athletes to self-manage all aspects of their career but with the knowledge that support and assistance are available to them where and when they may need it.

At the Sport Ireland Institute we have developed strong links with the universities/third level providers and work closely with them to support carded athletes / Institution to develop a high performance sport and education plan. This typically involves modification to the teaching or assessment programme of the athlete-student to facilitate their training and recovery needs.

Our academic partners are extremely supportive and as a consequence there are more high performance Irish athletes every year who are studying part-time, deferring examinations of course work or taking distance learning options or even exams at Irish embassies abroad.

Sport Ireland Institute Athlete Support Programme

Sport Ireland Institute has a number of Support Programmes designed to help create an environment where elite athletes can combine their international sporting career with personal development in a way that allows them to achieve their potential in both fields.

a. Athlete Alumi

b. Consultative group

c. EAP

The Athlete Career Development Programme

The Sport Ireland Institute Athlete Career Development Programme provides career management support to high performance athletes. This support typically involves athletes who are managing part time employment and a full career as a high performance athlete. The programme works by offering athletes 1-2-1 and workshop support designed to develop the following career management skills:

Relationship Management

Relationships play a key role in ensuring that athletes receive the right support as they manage their career as an athlete. The Athlete Career Development Programme assists athletes in developing the necessary skills to manage relationships at work, at home and in their sports environment. This ensures that all athlete supporters are aligned and provide a team based support to each athlete.

Career Planning

Planning is a critical life skill for every athlete as they overcome predictable and non predictable changes in their athlete career. The Athlete Career Development Programme helps athletes to develop their planning capability in order to ensure that their athlete career blends with an appropriate and flexible form of part time employment. This helps athletes to positively switch off and recover from their training and competition whilst ensuring that they can make a smooth transition into full time employment after their sports career. Partnerships allow athletes to attain personal profiling and psychometric testing assisting athletes to focus on their strengths and plan for a career identity during their athletic cycle. 

Career Support Negotiation

The Athlete Career Development Programme develops each athlete’s capability to seek out and manage appropriate supports in order to fulfil their career needs. The Institute assists this process by building and maintaining a network of like-minded employers who are keen to recruit athletes on the basis of their high performance attributes and their need for flexible part time employment. We also have a number of recruitment partnerships who are understanding of athletes schedules and transferable skills.

Job Searching

The Athlete Career Development Programme assists athletes in developing job search strategies that are focused on identifying and recruiting good fit employers. This involves developing a high quality CV and training athletes to perform effectively in interview scenarios. Sport Ireland Institute Athlete Employer Network offers athletes a ready-made network of employers eager to identify top talent for their workplace.