HPX Symposium 4 "Performance Analysis
‘What is so important that we need to share it?'"

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The technological environment within which the sports performance analyst (PA) operates is moving at a faster pace than ever before, the number and functionality of the tools available to the analyst are ever expanding. From the advent of ‘big data & data analytics’, to the proliferation of wearable technologies, and the advancing applications of machine learning and artificial intelligence in the sports performance context. These are fascinating areas for exploration and one which can challenge the analyst given the wide variety and depth of information. Would you be interested to learn more about and extend your understanding of these emerging themes?

As part of the upcoming Sport Ireland Institute HPX conference, the Sport Ireland Institute will be offering a one-day hackathon targeted at the PA community in Ireland on the 5th October themed around the question:

‘What is so important that we need to share it?'

As part of the conference proceedings and the 1 day hackathon we offer the opportunity for you to connect with and explore a Sport Analytics online course developed by Keith Lyons and colleagues at the University of Canberra that covers such themes are:

  • Informatics & Analytics
  • Pattern recognition
  • Monitoring performance
  • Audiences and messages

Our intention is to embed this content into the discussion and to explore what we can share as a nationwide community of practice. At the hackathon, the course content will allow the attendees to explore ideas and practices rather than raw data as you might be expected in the more traditional hackathons. The discussion may go wherever the group wishes to go on the day along these themes.

You shape the content: Ask the audience
In preparation for the event please navigate your way through the themes and topics which happen to interest you at this stage of journey along your PA pathway. Ahead of the event we will survey those who have registered to gauge the topics which you would like to see explored during the day.

“It is exciting, the structure of the day will allow us to discuss our working environments and how we 'hack' our way through diverse and sometimes conflicting demands in an agile way”
Professor Keith Lyons, University of Canberra

For the full brochure for HPX Symposium 4 please click HERE

The cost of attending the conference is €50. 

Tickets can be purchase from EventBrite HERE