Underwater Sport



The Irish Underwater Council (CFT) is the national governing body for recreational underwater sports in Ireland. It was founded in 1963 to organise and promote sport scuba diving and snorkelling and has grown since then to incorporate over 80 clubs around the Country. CFT is ISO accredited, highlighting our professionalism, instruction skills and individual development. If you are interested in learning to Scuba Dive or Snorkel our doors are always open to the complete beginner as well as the more experienced Diver. Our objectives are to allow you to develop the skills required to excel at this amazing activity within a friendly, safe, professional and continually developing environment.



  • Core Grant Funding 2015 - €56,180

  • High Performance Funding - N/A

  • Direct Athlete Investment Funding - N/A

  • Women in Sport Funding - N/A


Contact Details

  • Irish Underwater Council

  • President - Mike Orth

  • Public Contact - Louise Gilligan

  • Website - www.diving.ie