Cerebral Palsy Sport



Cerebral Palsy Sport Ireland was founded in 1978 to offer sporting and recreational opportunities to individuals with cerebral palsy and other physical disabilities.  Since those early days the association has grown and today Irish athletes with cerebral palsy compete in five sporting disciplines in local, national and international levels of competition.  Cerebral Palsy Sport Ireland (CPSI) is now the officially recognised National Governing Body in Ireland for people with Cerebral Palsy. The disciplines include Boccia ( a game which is very similar to Bowls), Athletics, which covers a wide variety of both track and field events, Soccer , Swimming and Cycling.



  • Core Grant Funding 2015 - €48,146

  • High Performance Funding 2015 - N/A

  • Direct Athlete Investment Funding 2015 -

  • Women in Sport Funding 2015 - N/A


Contact Details

  • Cerebral Palsy Sport Ireland

  • Chairman - Paul Cassin

  • Public Contact - Brenda O'Donnell

  • Website - www.cpsi.ie